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Nephrostomy, Catheter, and Leg Drainage Bag Products

a perfect solution

nephrostomy bag covers

Designed to wear around the waist, similar to a fanny pack, as a covering over a nephrostomy 600 ml drainage bag to provide stylish and effective comfort and support.

Blue/Green Swirl Nephrostomy Outer Bag Cover and Tube Covering
Foley Catheter Drainage Bag, Tube Cover & Leg Drainage Bag Cover

Foley catheter covers

Designed to wear either around the waist or attached to a wheelchair, or walker  as a covering over a foley catheter 2000 ml drainage bag to provide stylish and effective comfort and support.

leg bag covers

Designed to cover the 600 ml leg drainage bag, worn around the leg, using the existing drainage bag straps.

Nephrostomy Leg Bag Cover

highly recommended

Our nephrostomy, catheter, and leg drainage bag products come highly recommended, and were created to be discreet, convenient, and functional. Our goal is to help provide comfort and support for people who use tubes and drainage bags, and we take pride in the fact that so many customers love our products!

Foley Catheter Drainage Bag and Tube Cover

Absolutely perfect. Obviously designed by someone that understands what having a leg bag for a catheter entails. The button holes are perfect, the ability to pull strap through, the design covering the tip, the side vent to allow for the full bag, the smooth back so no irritation all contribute to a great product.

linda, etsy customer
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