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our story

Gail and her mother

a life-changing solution

Based in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area, SpringPath Essentials was created by Gail Leftin to provide confidence, comfort and support for individuals who have a nephrostomy tube and drainage bag.


How Gail got started

While living with bladder cancer, my mother frequently needed to use a foley catheter. She would be discharged from the hospital with no discreet and respectful way to cover the drainage bag. She often ended up using a plastic shopping bag over the drainage bag. As her condition progressed, she had a blockage that required the use of a nephrostomy drainage tube. As she recovered, and was ready to return to her daily routines, once again she realized there was no discreet and comfortable way to wear the tube and drainage bag. Attaching it to her leg was uncomfortable as she walked. Tucking the bag into the back of her pants did not seem to work well either... and no matter what she tried - the tube always seemed to expose itself. Thus, with my mother as the model, together we began to search for ways that she could comfortably wear these catheter and nephrostomy tubes and drainage bags with ease. The result are the products you see here!

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