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“I cannot begin to thank you enough for making something like this. You have surpassed my expectations and given me back my confidence to go out in public. I am forever grateful!”

Female, Age 29, Kidney Obstruction with severe hydronephrosis

“Thank you for offering a cute option for a busy mom! Everything else I saw was not cute (or as functional)” 

Female, Age 40, Blocked Ureter (scar tissue)

“The product is wonderful. I love how it fits, the style, and the design. Thank you for making a difficult journey a little more bearable.

Female, Age 41, Non Hodgkins Lymphoma

“Women need options to assist in holding these bags! Thank you. Infection risk is also reduced when the bag is covered and secured.”

Female, Age 71, Bladder Cancer
Male, Age 65, Cancer requiring nephrostomy

“Thank you, your product is a blessing”

“Love it. I hated stuffing my bag down my pants. This is much better.”

Female, Age 37, Uterine Stricture requiring nephrostomy

“This is exactly what we were looking for! You didn’t show up on my first search and I ended up buying something that didn’t work out. Your bag was the only product we could find specifically designed for this. My dad was so happy to get this! Thank you!”

Recipient: Male, Age 63, Acute on Chronic Kidney Failure
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